Herefordshire Ornithological Club

Herefordshire Ornithological Club

Registered Charity 1068608

Yellowhammer at Criftin
Ford Bridge, Herefordshire
copyright William J Marler (HOC) 2011

The Herefordshire Ornithological Club (HOC) was formed in 1950. Its origins were in the Woolhope Naturalists Field Club, founded in 1851 and credited with the first documented recording of birds in the county. An affiliation between the HOC and the BTO was established from the Club’s early years and at the HOC’s 50th Anniversary Dinner in 2000, Chris Mead, a longstanding member, was the guest speaker.

Traditional orchard,
Knapton, Herefordshire
copyright William J Marler (HOC) 2011

The Club promotes the study and welfare of wild birds and their habitats in Herefordshire. It maintains ornithological records for the County and publishes an Annual Report and quarterly news bulletin. In the interests of birds, collaborations are undertaken particularly with National bodies and local conservation groups with similar aims. The HOC has more than 400 members; indoor Meetings are held every month from September to March and Field Meetings are arranged throughout the year across the County and sometimes further afield. For members there is an annual weekend away in some of the U.K.’s best bird-watching areas.

Female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
carrying food at a nest site,
copyright Evan Bowen-Jones, HOC 2011


Members have been keen participants in the BTO 2007 -2011Atlas and county record data are being compiled for the production of a Herefordshire Bird Atlas, which has never previously been attempted. The HOC is also working with the help of an “awards for all” lottery grant to build awareness of some key species within the County. In one such project, led by the Herefordshire Biodiversity Partnership, the HOC is involved in a survey to help conserve the county’s woodpecker populations. Other ongoing projects include HOC Garden Birdwatch and Dipper and Barn Owl Nest-box Schemes. 

Male Redstart, Croft Ambrey,
copyright George Ewart (HOC) 2011

Anyone with an interest in the birds of Herefordshire is welcomed to membership. Please have a look at our website where you will find details of the club’s activities, where to watch birds in the County, latest sightings and how to join. 

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