Shoreham District Ornithological Society

Shoreham District Ornithological Society (SDOS) was established in 1953 and has over 200 members.

The Society’s aims are to support and encourage the study of birds, to promote and contribute to the protection of birds and their environment, and to promote an interest in birds and conservation issues among the local community.

The Shoreham district stretches between Brighton and Worthing and covers a good range of habitats, being located on the coast, with the River Adur running through the area and the South Downs behind. Small areas of woodland and heathland also fall within the recording area.

Part of the estuary is an RSPB reserve and a small group from the society act as volunteer wardens for this reserve. The Society also has strong links with other local nature conservation groups and  ornithological societies and works collaboratively with these on a number of projects. Members are actively encouraged to record their observations and take part in surveys.

We offer members a programme of informative talks during the winter months and regular guided walks throughout the year. Newsletters are produced twice yearly featuring interesting articles, reports on studies and the ongoing work of the Society, a selection of members photos and a summary of birds seen in the area. There is also an e-mail discussion group.

In 2020 we created a Facebook group ‘Shoreham Birding’ to promote local birdwatching and conservation projects and help develop the interest and knowledge of non-members. This has been very successful and attracted over 500 members in less than a year - many are astonished at the variety of birdlife to be seen on their doorstep!

Several public engagement events are held across the year to further raise awareness of the birds in the area and help promote the Society’s work.

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