Individual species ecology

Whilst much of BTO Scotland’s science is focused on habitat-based multi-species research, we also have specific interests in the population biology, ecological requirements, drivers of population change and habitat requirements of a number of Scottish bird species. We have strong interest in the development of survey techniques for species that have previously been considered problematic to survey, and in research to better understand the movements of some species, through novel remote tracking studies.  Recent projects include tracking the movements of Hawfinches, developing survey techniques and tracking the movements of Short-eared Owls, research into the drivers of change in the Scottish Peregrine population, techniques for monitoring Ptarmigan and other arctic-alpine species, and research on breeding Whinchats.

We are also interested in Cuckoos as part of the ongoing tracking project on the movements of this species.

BTO Scotland science in this area cuts across several of the BTO research themes, including monitoring and migration.

Staff contact: John Calladine.

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