The Regional Network Committee (RNC)

The Regional Network Committee is responsible for planning and supervising a long-term programme of volunteer surveys, ensuring that the concerns of survey workers are addressed in survey planning and evaluation, and monitoring prompt feedback to them. It appoints Regional Representatives and liaises with the Surveys Team in supervising Regional and Country RepresentativesThe Chairman of RNC sits on the Board and is supported on the committee by two members of the Board and six other members. It meets twice a year.

Chairman - Dr David Parker

David is an ecologist and environmental manager with a career covering both environmental consultancy and the statutory nature conservation sector. He has a lifelong love of birds and the places where they live, and is particularly interested in the Dee Estuary where he has been a WeBS recorder for almost 40 years.

Barrie Galpin

Barrie has had a career in education, both working at the chalk-face and producing Open University materials.  He helped re-introduce ospreys at Rutland Water, becoming Northants BTO Regional Representative at the start of the last Atlas in 2007. Barrie enjoys birding in Scotland and Fineshade Wood where he lives.

Scott Petrek

Scott is regional the Representative and WeBS Local Organiser in Staffordshire, having developed an interest in birds with his local Wildlife Trust. He is now working as Reserve Warden at WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre.  Scott is a keen birder and ringer with a love for waders.

Chris Gunn

Chris is the Regional Representative and WeBS Local Organiser for Lincolnshire North.  She has always been interested in wildlife and was a trustee for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and chair of a Local Group for 10 years.  Following a career in health and education Chris now spends her free time travelling round the country walking and visiting reserves.

Wayne Morris

Wayne has a life-long interest in wildlife and holds a degree in zoology.  Spending much of his working life in academic libraries, he is however, happiest outdoors surveying, ringing or nest recording. A BTO member of over 30 years, he has participated in most volunteer surveys during that time, and picked up the reigns as Regional Representative in east Glamorgan during fieldwork for the last Bird Atlas. He is a committee member of the Glamorgan Bird Club, and helped bring their local atlas to publication.

Dr Dave McGarvie

Dave is the BTO regional representative for the Scottish Borders and is a semi-retired volcanologist who undertakes field-based scientific research in Iceland and Chile. He has had a lifelong but casual interest in birds, and at age 13 was submitting records to the Scottish Bird Report (SOC). He is currently exploring the potential benefits of using drones for Wetland Bird Surveys and for the Heronries Census.

Simon Taylor

Simon is the BTO Regional Representative for Cornwall and works in a shipyard. His first interest in wildlife came in the 1970's as a small child accompanying his father John on Citizen Science projects with the Rossendale Ornithologists Club in East Lancs. After a considerable period away from the world of birds and a move to Cornwall, Simon rediscovered wildlife in 2007 and became a BTO Citizen Scientist in 2009 with WeBS. In 2010 Simon discovered nest recording and his main project now is the 150+ nest boxes in his local wood.

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