Wetland Bird Survey Annual Report

Waterbirds in the UK

The Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) is the principal scheme for monitoring the UK’s wintering waterbird populations, providing an important indicator of their status and the health of wetlands.

Survey results are reported in the annual publication Waterbirds in the UK, which comprises a summary report and updated species and sites data and Low Tide maps via the WeBS Report Online interface.

Summary Report

All WeBS annual reports are available for download. The current format, of dual publication of a summary report together with sites and species data online, began with Waterbirds in the UK 2011/12. An extended principal sites table listing all sites with over 10,000 birds is also available.

WeBS Report Online

To aid interpretation of the data accessible via the WeBS Report Online interface, please read the background information on Low Tide Counts and on the numbers and trends for sites and species from WeBS Core Counts and Supplementary Counts.


The latest WeBS data/annual report should be cited as:

Teresa M. Frost, Graham E. Austin, Neil A. Calbrade, Chas A. Holt, Heidi J. Mellan, Richard D. Hearn, David A. Stroud, Simon R. Wotton and Dawn E. Balmer. 2016.Waterbirds in the UK 2014/15: The Wetland Bird Survey. BTO, RSPB and JNCC, in association with WWT. British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford.