State of Nature report 2016

Published: September 2016  


State of Nature Report 2016 (UK) 5.82 MB application/pdf

State of Nature Report 2016 (Scotland) 3.06 MB application/pdf

State of Nature Report 2016 (England) 2.98 MB application/pdf

The State of Nature report is an assessment of how nature is doing across the UK. As well as an overarching assessment of UK flora and fauna, there are separate reports for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to look at each country in more depth. The reports pool data and expertise from 53 nature conservation and research organisations, a partnership unparalleled in UK conservation.

View a summary presentation of the State of Nature 2016.

The BTO is proud to be a founding member of the State of Nature Partnership and our long-term volunteer-based monitoring schemes are key to such assessments. It is extremely important that well-structured monitoring to track changes in biodiversity continues and that good evidence is collected to identify the causes of change. Publicising the results and engagement with the public as well as policy-makers is essential to the success of any project based on citizen science.

Report is available in six different versions. The main report covers the whole UK, with the other reports focussing on England, Scotland, Wales (in both English and Welsh) and Northern Ireland (to be published shortly). 

The report offers:

  • Key findings
  • A comparison of the most important drivers of change
  • Summaries by habitat
  • Case studies
  • Emerging themes for conservation action
  • An explanation of the methodologies used to produce the report
State of Nature report 2016 cover

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