Woodland management and birds. Part 1. Sylvicultural systems and tree species.

Rushbeds Woods by Rob Fuller

Author(s): Fuller, R.

Published: July 2021  

Journal: Quarterly Journal of Forestry Volume: 115


In the first of two articles on woodland birds Rob Fuller considers how different management systems and the selection of tree species affect the abundance, diversity and composition of bird communities. One of the most deeply enjoyable of natural experiences is walking in woodland on a fine morning in early May when bird song is at its peak. The way that a wood is managed has a huge impact on the numbers of songbirds encountered and the intensity of this experience. Many woodland owners wish to manage their woods productively in the broadest sense, both for the trees and for wildlife. The two articles in this series offer a personal view of how management of woodland vegetation, either as an integral part of forestry or as bespoke conservation management, can enhance bird populations. The focus is on established woodland in the lowlands of Britain, rather than on creating and designing new woods.
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