Monitoring five decades of change in the UK’s rarest breeding birds through citizen science: the Rare Breeding Birds Panel

Bittern, Graham Catley / BTO

Author(s): Eaton, M. Stroud, D. Francis, I, Norman, D, Baker, H., Holling, M. King, A., Stanbury, A. & Balmer, D.

Published: April 2023  

Journal: British Wildlife Volume: 35

A review of the work of the Rare Breeding Birds Panel on the 50th anniversary of when it was founded in 1973.


The collection of half a century’s data on the UK’s rarest breeding birds has been an extraordinary and huge collective endeavour, involving thousands of volunteer observers, hundreds of county recorders and other data-suppliers, and 24 past and present RBBP members. Critically, it is dependent on funding and/or in-kind support – past and present – from RSPB, NCC/JNCC (on behalf of the country conservation agencies since 1991), BTO and British Birds.
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