Large gulls taking fully grown shorebirds during spring passage in Delaware Bay, USA

Author(s): Clark, J.A., Atkinson, P.W., Dey, A., Gillings, S., Mace, J. & Neima, S.

Published: 1 August 2018 Pages: 3pp

Journal: Wader Study Volume: 125 ( part 2 )

Digital Identifier No. (DOI): 10.18194/ws.00119

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Shorebirds and gulls feed on the beaches in Delaware Bay during spring passage, but the shorebirds, although feeding at a very rapid rate, do not normally feed in close vicinity to the large gulls. This note gives in insight in why that is.

Staff Author(s)

    Phil Atkinson

    Head of International Research & Principal Ecologist / Science Director - Combined Ecology

    Simon Gillings

    Head & Principal Ecologist