First efforts to address bird collisions with power lines in Iran

Author(s): Kolnegari, M., Moghimi, E., Allahdad, M., Hazrati, M., Akbar Basiri, A., Jafari, R., Yekanik, M., Jalalpour, M., Sajjad Jalali, A., Mojaradiafra, M., Abbasi Kohan, H., Reza Izadi, H., Williams, N.P., Ferrer, M. & Conway, G.J.

Published: November 2020   Pages: 6pp

Journal: Sandgrouse Volume: 42


Following the identification of three locations in Iran where over 24 bird-power line collision fatalities had been recorded, involving two globally Vulnerable species, bird diverters were installed. Initial results have been very encouraging, with no fatalities recorded after installation. The fitting of these relatively low-cost devices, combined with minor modifications to make power transmission infrastructure more visible to birds, demonstrates the measures that power companies can put in place to significantly reduce bird fatality rates.
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