Birds of Conservation Concern Wales 4: the population status of birds in Wales

Rook, by Edmund Fellowes / BTO

Author(s): Johnstone, I.G., Hughes, J., Balmer, D.E., Brenchley, A., Facey, R.J., Lindley, P.J., Noble, D.G. & Taylor, R.C.

Published: December 2022  

Journal: Milvus

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The latest review of the conservation status of birds in Wales.

The report assessed all 220 bird species which regularly occur in Wales. There are now 60 species of bird on the Red List, with 91 on the Amber List and just 69 - less than a third of the total number of species - on the Green List.

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Data sources include the BTO/JNCC/RSPB Breeding Bird Survey and BTO/RSPB/JNCC Wetland Bird Survey, as well as Bird Atlases and other BTO-led monitoring schemes and citizen science initiatives.

The assessment and report are published by Natural Resources Wales, BTO, Welsh Ornithological Society and RSPB Cymru.

They are endorsed by the National Trust, Rare Breeding Birds Panel, Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, and Wildlife Trusts Wales.

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