Bird Table is the official membership magazine of BTO Garden BirdWatch. The magazine is published quarterly and carries a range of informative articles about garden birds, their behaviour and identification, together with features on wildlife-friendly gardening and other garden wildlife.


Bird Table is distributed both to participants in the scheme and to people enquiring about the project or about garden birds in general. Stories featured in Bird Table often appeal to the wider media, so additional copies are sent to press contacts. Copies are also available at conferences, events and displays around the country, from Gardeners' World Live to BirdFair. Circulation is c.12,000 copies.


Garden BirdWatch participants are active and dedicated, with a very keen interest in birds and gardening. Questionnaire responses have highlighted that they generally read the magazine in its entirety and retain issues for future reference. Our readers also have an active interest in optical equipment, books, clothing, art, cameras, the countryside and (naturally) bird care products.


The amount of advertising space within Bird Table has deliberately been restricted, something that has been well-received by our readers. This not only means that your advertisement will stand out but also that it is more likely to be viewed by readers. As an advertiser, you will be exposed to an attentive and knowledgeable audience, within an editorial framework that is respected by birdwatchers across the country.

Contact the editor at gbw [at] for more information about advertising.

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