WITUK 2006/07

Waterbirds in the UK 2006/07
The Wetland Bird Survey

Graham Austin, Mark Collier, Neil Calbrade, Colette Hall and Andy Musgrove


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Section 1

Section 1 (PDF, 440.46 KB)

Title Page, Acknowledgements, The Wetland Bird Survey, Contacts, Goose and Swan Monitoring Programme, Other National Waterbird Surveys, Errata to 2005/06 Report, Contents, Summary, Introduction, Waterbirds in the UK.

Section 2

Section 2 (PDF, 197.35 KB)

Total numbers

Section 3

Section 3 (PDF, 1.91 MB)

Species accounts: Fulvous Whistling Duck to Egyptian Goose

Section 4

Section 4 (PDF, 2.36 MB)

Species accounts: Ruddy Shelduck to Marbled Duck

Section 5

Section 5 (PDF, 2.38 MB)

Species accounts: Ringed Teal to Lake Duck

Section 6

Section 6 (PDF, 1.63 MB)

Species accounts: Red-throated Diver to Coot

Section 7

Section 7 (PDF, 2.13 MB)

Species accounts: Oystercatcher to Knot

Section 8

Section 8 (PDF, 2.42 MB)

Species accounts: Sanderling to Grey Phalarope

Section 9

Section 9 (PDF, 720.05 KB)

Species accounts: Kittiwake to Kingfisher

Section 10

Section 10 (PDF, 64.62 KB)

Principal Sites

Section 11

Section 11 (PDF, 875.94 KB)

WeBS Low Tide Counts

Section 12

Section 12 (PDF, 217.99 KB)

References, Glossary, and Appendices 1 & 2 


Page 151: Peak number of Common Gull at Bewl Water should have read 75,500 February.

Page 186: Tees Estuary. Thanks to Northumbrian Water Ltd. for allowing the Low Tide Counts to be used by WeBS.


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