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WBBS partners

The BTO/JNCC/RSPB Breeding Bird Survey is a partnership jointly funded by the BTORSPB and JNCC with fieldwork conducted by volunteers. This partnership now incorpotates the Waterways Breeding Bird Survey.

The British Trust for Ornithology

The Nunnery
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The BTO is the charity dedicated to research on wild birds.  Through its volunteer network, it monitors populations by organising long-term surveys, and carries out research related to bird conservation.

The Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Monkstone House
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The JNCC is the statutory adviser to UK government and devolved administrations on UK and international nature conservation.  Its work contributes to maintaining and enriching biological diversity, conserving geological features and sustaining natural systems.   

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The Lodge
SG19 2DL

The RSPB speaks out for birds and wildlife, takling the problems that threaten our environment.  Nature is amazing - help us keep it that way. RSPB belongs to BirdLife International, the global partnership of bird conservation organisations.

Previous sponsor of WBBS development

WBBS is grateful to The Environment Agency for England and Wales for sponsoring WBBS development.

The founder sponsors of the 1998 pilot year in addition to EA were Thames Water, British Waterways, Severn Trent, Hyder (Welsh Water) and Anglian Water. Subsequent years' surveys have been sponsored by Severn Trent, Anglian Water and by Essex & Suffolk Water.

WBBS Steering Group

The members of the WBBS Steering Committee are James Pearce-Higgins (Chair, BTO), Paul Woodcock (JNCC), Mark Eaton (RSPB), David Noble (BTO), Simon Gillings (BTO) and Dawn Balmer (BTO).

Contact the BBS / WBBS National Organiser:

Sarah Harris, British Trust for Ornithology
Email: wbbs [at] bto.org
Phone: 01842 750050
WBBS website: www.bto.org/wbbs

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