Understanding biodiversity in Scottish gardens

Developing our understanding of biodiversity in Scotland's gardens: the role of the BTO's Garden BirdWatch

 Toms, M., Humphreys, L. & Wernham, C. (2011)

in The Changing Nature of Scotland. Marrs, S.J., Foster, S., Hendrie, C., Mackey, E.C. & Thompson, D.B.A. (eds). TSO Scotland. ISBN. 978-0-11-497359-9


Gardens are an increasingly important habitat for biodiversity in the UK, but are difficult to monitor because they are in private ownership. The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Garden BirdWatch scheme taps into the enthusiasm that many garden-owners have for garden wildlife and works with them to monitor this wildlife through a "citizen science" approach. Garden BirdWatch data have been analysed to understand the changes in annual and seasonal use of gardens by birds and other wildlife. The Garden BirdWatch scheme has established itself as a key source of information for the government's 'Indicator of breeding town and garden bird populations' in England, one of a number of habitat-based biodiversity indicators used in conservation science research.

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