Current analyses

The Garden BirdWatch dataset is a wonderful resource and we use it to carry out analyses that explore how birds and other creatures make use of the garden environment. Some of this work is done 'in house' but our data are also used by scientists working elsewhere. Here are some of the pieces of work that are taking place at the moment:

Wintering Blackcaps: Increased numbers of Blackcaps now winter in Britain and Ireland. These birds are predominantly of central european origin and we are using the BTO Garden BirdWatch data to explore the pattern of winter distribution and the wider habitat associations of these birds. Dr Kate Plummer (BTO). read more>>>

Tawny Owl calling behaviour: Tawny Owl calling behaviour varies with season, population density and weather conditions. We are examining data from the BTO Tawny Owl survey to see how variation in calling behaviour influences survey methods; we can then provide best practice advice for surveying this species. Dr Nancy Ockendon (BTO).

Winter-active bumblebees: Over the last 20 years, worker Buff-tailed and White-tailed Bumblebees have been observed foraging during the winter months in the UK. The reasons are unknown, but climate change is suspected. We are using GBW bumblebee data to examine the pattern of winter activity. Leanne Casey (University of Sussex).

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