A number of books have been produced by the Garden BirdWatch Team, covering various topics related to gardens and their wildlife.

March 2018
Building your own nestbox and watching a pair of birds raise a successful brood will bring pleasure to the whole family, and this book provides all you need to know to get started.
May 2016
Gardens are great places for watching wildlife and for learning more about the birds and other creatures within them. This new book brings together the latest information on garden birds, much of it drawn from the British Trust for Ornithology's network of Garden BirdWatchers, to help you identify the birds visiting your garden and to understand their behaviour and needs.
June 2008

The book starts by examining the different ways in which birds use gardens, identifying elements within the garden that can be used to attract birds (and other wildlife). It then gets to grips with garden basics by examining the principles and techniques of a wildlife-friendly approach. This section covers flower forms, selecting plants, soil management, planting techniques, mulching, pruning and pests & disease.

November 2003
Published in 2003, the BTO/CJ Garden BirdWatch book is now just about out of print, though copies are still available from us (phone 01842-750050 and ask for the BTO Garden BirdWatch Team). The book presents information on the first eight years of the BTO Garden BirdWatch project.
January 2003

Whether you want to build your own nestboxes or buy them ready-made, The BTO Nestbox Guide gives instructions and guidance on the types of nestbox preferred by the 24 species most likely to nest in and around your house and garden. Information on building or choosing suitable boxes, when, where and how to site nestboxes, maintenance, nesting materials, details of each species' nesting preferences and behaviour, and watching and monitoring your nesting birds is provided. It is very well illustrated with lots of colour photographs.

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