Rook Survey FAQs

Rook by Luke Delve

Why are you just looking at Rooks?

By only looking at one species, it allows the study to be more focussed. We chose Rooks because the groundwork has already been done in lab studies by scientists at the University of Cambridge and Queen Mary University of London.

What if I see interesting behaviour in other bird species?

If you see behaviour in other bird species that you want to share with us, please email gbw [at]

Why can’t I record behaviour I see outside of gardens?

The study is being run in gardens only because they give us an opportunity to see problem-solving behaviours involving objects such as feeders that we wouldn’t see in the wild. Rooks can be found in a surprisingly large number of gardens, particularly in rural areas.

What if I saw Rook behaviour before July 2014?

You can still enter information in the survey form, via the comments section at the end. Follow the questions and you will be taken to the right section.

How do I submit my results?

You can submit your results via our survey form.

What will the BTO do with these results?

We aim to work with Dr Nathan Emery, who helped to design the survey, to analyse these findings for scientific purposes. Findings will also be relayed to participants via email and through BTO publications.

I enjoyed recording the birds in my garden. How can I do more?

By joining the BTO Garden Birdwatch; you'll find more information on this project here.

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