How to take part

Take part in the Garden Rook Survey. Rooks by Luke Delve.


Please download and read the 

 before starting to collect data for the Garden Rook Survey. These instructions are designed to answer any questions you might have about the survey but if you’re still not sure, visit the Garden Rook Survey FAQ page or email us at gbw [at]

We are asking for slightly different approaches from people who only see Rooks occasionally in their gardens to those who regularly get Rooks in their gardens, so please read the instructions carefully to find out how to take part.

Rook behaviour guide

We are interested in six categories of behaviour for this survey. For more information, please visit the Rook Behaviour Guide page.


Garden Rook Survey form


 can be used for two purposes:

  • If you regularly get Rooks in your garden exhibiting the same behaviours and are keeping a running tally of behaviour throughout the duration of the survey or;
  • If you would rather use a paper form to submit your findings.

Submit results

Rook problem-solving tests

If you get Rooks in your garden regularly and want to see just how intelligent they are, visit our Garden Rook Survey Problem-solving Tests page. These tests are based on ones that Rooks in captivity have successfully completed. If you do try these out, please let us know how they go by emailing gbw [at]

Photos and videos

If you manage to take photos or films of Rooks in your garden, please share them with us either by emailing gbw [at] or adding them to our Flickr album:

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