Rook problem-solving tests

If you regularly get Rooks in your garden and want to see how intelligent they really are, why not give these problem-solving tests a go? The tests are based on ones that Rooks in captivity have successfully completed, but we want to know if they will try in a more open setting. All of these tests can be done using everyday household objects.

Rook undertaking the Aesop's Fable task

Aesop's Fable task

Dowload the instructions for the

- where the Rook needs to place stones in a jar in order to raise the water level and reach the floating food.

Rook looking for food hidden in objects

Problem solving tasks

Download the instructions for a selection of

- where Rooks have to open items, such as a matchbox, to access food hidden inside.

Rook pulling string to reach the hanging food

String pulling task

Download the instructions for the

(pdf) - where the Rook can pull a string and place it under a foot in order to reach the food on the end of the string.

Taking part

If you do carry out these tests, please let us know how they go by emailing gbw [at]

If you get any photos or video, we would love to see them!

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