Adding other wildlife in BirdTrack

Alongside birds, there are several other taxon groups that are popular with birdwatchers. Many of these occur at sites popular with birdwatchers and are relatively conspicuous, and can usually be identified fairly easily (with patience and practice!). Many have a close relationship with certain bird species, as anyone who has watched a Hobby hunt dragonflies will testify.

Just as records of birds are both of interest to the observer and of value for conservation, so are records of other taxa. For these reasons – and with so many birdwatchers noticing and identifying these other taxa – we have made it possible to record some extra taxa groups in BirdTrack via the website.

The extra taxa you can record in BirdTrack are amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies, mammals, orchids, and reptiles. Working with the associated organisations for these other taxa groups we have added extra details to make even better use of the records submitted.

All the records submitted for these other taxa are passed on a daily basis to iRecord, a national wildlife data collection website operated by the Biological Records Centre( BRC) as part of the work of the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH).

The records can be verified within iRecord and made available to the relevant recorders. You don’t need to submit records directly to iRecord if you have added them to BirdTrack.

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