Ringing publications

The online ringing and nest recording report

This online annual ringing report provides summaries of the birds ringed and recovered, by bird recording area, country and for the whole of Britain & Ireland. Nest Record Scheme totals by county and country are also available. The report also includes longevity records, the top five species ringed in each bird recording area and the top five bird recording areas for each species. Reports for 2007-2014 are available as are summaries of all recoveries for each bird recording area. Ringing totals for all species from 1909 to 2014 are also now available. New for 2014 are pages showing the timing of breeding and moult for the 15 most commonly recorded species.

Journals and magazines

LifeCycle is the magazine of the British and Irish Ringing Scheme and the Nest Record Scheme (NRS).

Books and guides

The Migration Atlas

The Migration Atlas is an amazing stock take of our knowledge of the movements of birds which spend all, or part of, their life in the British Isles.  A fascinating read for everyone and a must for conservation practitioners.

Buy The Migration Atlas from BTO partner NHBS.

Identification for Ringers

by Kenneth Williamson, BTO.

These guides to the identification have long been out of print.  However, as ringers find them useful they are now freely available here as searchable PDFs.  There are three volumes

and a key:

and a key: (PDF, 208.87 KB)
  1. Phylloscopus

    Phylloscopus (PDF, 3.45 MB)
  2. Sylvia

    Sylvia (PDF, 2.72 MB)

We are grateful to Dave Coker who kindly scanned these guides to allow them to be made available on the web.

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