Capacity building, technology transfer & working with industry

Releasing Spoon-billed Sandpiper after ringing

There is a great breadth of expertise at the BTO. BTO regularly provides advice or training in how to establish and run monitoring schemes, whether they are new national bird monitoring projects or the setting up of new bird ringing schemes. We also undertake specific research projects in Africa, Continental Europe, the Middle East, Asia and in the US. These have been as diverse as developing an action plan for the safeguarding the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper in Myanmar, understanding how fishing of Horseshoe Crabs is impacting on shorebird populations in Delaware Bay to the setting up of a Mangrove Centre in Oman.

The BTO's independent non-campaigning stance has led to impact assessment work and the provision of impartial advice to regulatory institutions. Examples include reviewing a waterbird monitoring scheme in Kazakhstan, providing advice on Environmental Impact Assessment approaches to the offshore wind industry in the United States, providing impartial evidence on controversial canal-type developments in Australia and the provision of advice to Unilever on how to improve the environmental sustainability of crops grown in developing countries.

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