BTO's international research cuts across many of the organisation's research themes and has a broad remit, taking in classical ecological studies, as well as incorporating elements from the social and economic sciences. We operate in three broad areas – research into the ecology of long-distance migrant birds, provision of technology transfer and capacity building and research into the links between biodiversity, the natural environment and people in developing African countries.

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Recent International research

Burkina Faso, photograph by Chris Orsman

Migratory bird populations linked to African, Mediterranean and UK weather

Many migratory birds that winter in Africa have declined in number in recent years. Iconic species under threat include Cuckoo and Nightingale. The mechanisms behind these declines must be understood in order to direct conservation efforts to where they will have the biggest impact. Recent BTO research has highlighted the importance of African rainfall, spring Mediterranean and UK breeding season temperatures on the subsequent breeding success and abundance of British summer visitors.

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