Set yourself a challenge this year! See the world from a bird's eye perspective by taking part in a tandem skydive and help raise funds for Britain’s birds.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jump from a plane from 10,000 feet, falling at a similar speed to that of a Peregrine Falcon at a rate of over 120mph? Well now is your opportunity to find out, by taking part in a tandem skydive to help support the BTO's research!

'What an amazing and exhilarating experience, doubled by the fact people generously gave over £1000 towards migrant bird conservation' Ellen Walford

To take part on behalf of the BTO you need to raise a minimum of £395 in sponsorship. This amount includes  a donation to BTO and covers the cost of the jump too. Every extra pound you raise above the minimum amount of £395 comes directly to the BTO so please try to raise as much as possible! If you choose to pay the jump costs yourself rather than cover it from the sponsorship, BTO will receive more funds to help our research.

The skydives are organised by Skyline who have organised parachute jumps for first-time jumpers for 14 years and are one of the largest organisers of Parachuting and Skydiving courses in the UK - over 7000 people a year make their first-time jump with Skyline so you are in very experienced hands.The training and jump can be completed in just one day and you will be safely harnessed to an experienced instructor.You will also receive a certificate to prove that you have completed a ‘two-mile high’ Tandem Skydive.
For an information pack including your reservation and sponsorship forms, please call Rachel Gostling on 01842 750050 or BOOK ONLINE HERE.

There are over 20 British Parachute Association approved centres around the UK at the following airfelds:
Auchterarder: Bicester: Brackley: Bridlington: Brigg: Cambridge: Cirencester :Coleraine: Cornwall (Peranporth): 
Durham: Errol: Grange-over Sands:
 Honiton: Lancaster: Maidstone: Marlow: Norwich: Nottingham: 
Peterborough: Salisbury: St Andrews: 
Swansea:Swindon: Whitchurch.

(A location map is included in the information pack)

Thank you! BTO is the UK’s leading independent bird research charity contributing to knowledge about birds. Data collected by BTO volunteers is crucial to their conservation and makes a real difference to the future of Britain's birds.

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