About BirdFacts

Dedicated to the memory of Chris Mead, who knew an answer to almost any question one asked about Britain's birds.

BirdFacts is designed to help you find out more about British birds. It covers all species that have been recorded in the wild in Britain. For all species we provide some key summary information; for the more regularly occuring species we aim to provide more detail.

Where possible, we provide links directly to pages where survey results are presented, so that you get the most up-to-date results. We also try to provide references to the original data sources, either directly on the species pages, or in the associated help page. Clicking on the help link (the '?' button) will usually provide important information to help you understand what the figures mean.

Thanks are due to: Iain Downie, Laura Smith and Susan Waghorn for help in putting the pages together; to all those who provided helpful comments on earler versions and have contributed their images free of charge; to Marta for Polish help, and to Raymond O'Connor who started gathering these data some years ago and whose efforts provided the seed for these pages.

Information from these pages should be cited as:

Robinson, R.A. (2005) BirdFacts: profiles of birds occurring in Britain & Ireland (BTO Research Report 407). BTO, Thetford (https://www.bto.org/birdfacts, accessed on xx/xx/xxxx).
This citation is repeated at the foot of each page.

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