House Martin Appeal

House Martins are thought to have declined by 18% in the UK in the last ten years. Worryingly in England we've seen declines of 69% longer term which has led to the House Martin being amber listed as a species of conservation concern.

Our Goal

We want to stop House Martins from slipping on to the red list for Birds of Conservation Concern, reserved for species which have seen declines of more than 50% over a 25 year period. But to do this we need to learn more about them here in the UK.

House Martin Survey

We are running a specially designed survey comprising of two parts to gather vital information to help us understand more;

  • The national House Martin Count survey took place in 2015 to gather information on the House Martin population, local distribution and their habitat preferences.
  • The next stage is the Nest Monitoring Study in 2016 to learn about breeding success, timings and location of nests.

How you can help 

The two year project will cost £125,000 to run. We are extremely grateful to our supporters who gave a staggerring £107,000 to our fundraising appeal, but we still need to raise £18,000 to meet our target. Please help by donating to our House Martin Appeal. In 2016 your gift will help us:

  1. Understand the timing of nesting activity and how climate change may be affecting their arrival times in the UK.
  2. Investigate whether birds in the south have more broods than in the north, or vice versa, and whether these match patterns of population change.
  3. Determine reasons for nest failure, particularly when young are in the nest, and understand the impacts of new construction techniques and materials such as U-PVC wall surfaces and soffits.

Once we have further information we can use this evidence to inform policy and practice to give House Martins a better chance in the future. Help by donating to the House Martin Appeal now.

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