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Childhood has moved on

"Childhoods are now very different to how they were half a century ago. Technology has delivered many advantages, but many children spend hours glued to screens instead of exploring the outside world.

In a technology-driven world I feel it is more important than ever that we connect with young people and show them how they can benefit from engaging with nature."

Emma Thornton, Trustee and Youth Advisory Panel member

How BTO Youth is making a difference to young lives

In 2023 we engaged over 2,000 young people through youth-led events, Bird Camps, our Equipment Donation Scheme, and through supporting young people with resources and funding. The Youth Advisory Panel oversees all our work and is directly responsible for all our successes.

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Youth Representatives are trained and supported to organise events online or in their communities including youth-led guided bird walks and the online video series Nature Natters.

The Equipment Donation Scheme encourages more young people to become involved with birdwatching by sending second-hand binoculars, telescopes and birdwatching equipment to young people, schools, and youth groups.

Bird Camps reach young people in all four UK countries and are free of charge. The Camps are three-day residentials, held in a natural setting, to help young people aged 11–17 to access nature and develop their birdwatching skills.

You can help us reach more people like
Kate, Ravi and everyone attending
a BTO Youth event

Kate Fox
Bird Camp attendee

"BTO Youth is part of our present and our future and we will strive to ensure that Youth Volunteers build skills, experience and friendships through working with us."

Juliet Vickery, CEO

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With you, we can create opportunities and connections for many more young people.

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