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Waterbirds in the UK 2005/06

Andy Musgrove, Mark Collier, Alex Banks, Neil Calbrade, Richard Hearn and Graham Austin

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Section 1

Section 1 (PDF, 677.93 KB)
Pages 1 to 24
Title Page, Acknowledgements, The Wetland Bird Survey, Contacts, National Goose Census, Other National Waterbird Surveys, Erratum to 2004/05 Report, Contents, Summary, Introduction, Waterbirds in the UK

Section 2

Section 2 (PDF, 191.00 KB)
Pages 25 to 39
Total numbers

Section 3

Section 3 (PDF, 2.20 MB)
Pages 40 to 64

Species accounts: Mute Swan to Cape Shelduck

Section 4

Section 4 (PDF, 1.14 MB)
Pages 65 to 73
Species accounts: Ruddy Shelduck to Teal

Section 5

Section 5 (PDF, 2.31 MB)
Pages 74 to 87
Species accounts: Green-winged Teal to Long-tailed Duck

Section 6

Section 6 (PDF, 938.46 KB)
Pages 88 to 97
Species accounts: Common Scoter to Black-throated Diver

Section 7

Section 7 (PDF, 590.21 KB)
Pages 98 to 103
Species accounts: Great Northern Diver to Black-necked Grebe

Section 8

Section 8 (PDF, 597.43 KB)
Pages 104 to 110
Species accounts: Cormorant to White Stork

Section 9

Section 9 (PDF, 320.46 KB)
Pages 111 to 114
Species accounts: Sacred Ibis to American Coot

Section 10

Section 10 (PDF, 1.76 MB)
Pages 115 to 124
Species accounts: Common Crane to Lapwing

Section 11

Section 11 (PDF, 3.19 MB)
Pages 125 to 147
Species accounts: Knot to Grey Phalarope

Section 12

Section 12 (PDF, 135.38 KB)
Pages 148 to 156
Species accounts: Mediterranean Gull to Kittiwake

Section 13

Section 13 (PDF, 69.92 KB)
Pages 157 to 160
Species accounts: Little Tern to Kingfisher

Section 14

Section 14 (PDF, 66.21 KB)
Pages 161 to 164
Principal Sites

Section 15

Section 15 (PDF, 425.45 KB)
Pages 165 to 169
WeBS Low Tide Counts: Aims to Estuary Accounts

Section 16

Section 16 (PDF, 625.74 KB)
Pages 170 to 181
WeBS Low Tide Counts: Auchencairn Bay to Cleddau Estuary

Section 17

Section 17 (PDF, 655.12 KB)
 Pages 182 to 197
WeBS Low Tide Counts: Lindesfarne to Stangford Lough

Section 18

Section 18 (PDF, 746.70 KB)
Pages 198 to 207
Acknowledgements to Appendix 2 


Page 150-151: Counts shown for Black-headed Gull and Common Gull for Bewl Water during 2005/06 are for Core Counts only. Roost data for this site are now available and maximum numbers during 2005/06 were 55,600 in January 2006 for Black-headed Gull and 90,000 in February 2006 for Common Gull. Five year mean peak values for Bewl Water for the five-years up to 2005/06 are 49,120 for Black-headed Gull and 69,000 for Common Gull.

Page 162: The total numbers of waterbirds presented for the Stour Estuary include data from WeBS Low Tide Counts. As there is a high level of movement of birds around the Stour Estuary during the low tide period it is felt that Low Tide Count totals may lead to a false impression of the total numbers of birds present at the site. Therefore, total numbers for the Stour Estuary excluding Low Tide Count data should have been presented, which in 2005/06 were 37,959.

Swan and Goose Productivity Estimates: To download a table, click


here (PDF, 40.39 KB)

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