WeBS Local Advisory Committee (LOAC)

The WeBS Local Organiser Advisory Committee (LOAC) should provide an opportunity for the counter network to communicate opinion as to whether WeBS staff are doing things right or wrong. Conversely, staff will be able to explain why some things are done in the way they are. The LOAC is, however, an advisory committee. It has no remit to make decisions, especially concerning funding and spending issues (which is the role of the WeBS Steering Group). Its role is instead to advise and provide ideas and feedback.

We are looking to hear from any LOs who may be interested in serving on the LOAC in the future. The minutes of previous meetings can be viewed below.

If you have any comments about any aspect of WeBS which you would like to be brought to the attention of the LOAC, please get in touch with your Local Organiser or LOAC Regional Representative and type in the LOAC member's name into the Select a Region box.

LOAC Regions

Each region has been assigned a Local Organiser to act as a voice on the committee:

WeBS LOAC Regions

North and West Scotland


South and East Scotland

Andy Riches

Northern Ireland

Kerry Mackie


Daniel Jenkins-Jones

Northern England

Phil Hampson


Brian Moore

Eastern England

Chris Gunn

South West England

Eve Tigwell

LOAC Minutes

LOAC Agenda

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