Resources for the Tawny Owl Point Survey

Survey Completed Autumn 2018

Please find below the full survey instructions and recording form along with some additional useful resources.

Survey instructions

A map of your survey tetrad can be downloaded from the Tawny Owl Point Survey data entry pages.

Further information can be found in our FAQ for the Tawny Owl Point Survey, or by consulting your Regional Organiser.

Recording form

Tawny Owl Point Survey Recording Form (PDF, 88.96 KB)

Health and Safety information

Tawny Owl Calls

These audio files have been kindly provided by Geoff Sample for use by Tawny Owl survey participants.

Tawny Owl Female Call

An example of the classic female Tawny Owl ‘kee-wik’ call.

Tawny Owl Female Call and Male Hoots

A combination of first the female "kee-wik" call joined by the male "hooo…hu…hu…huhuhuhoo" hooting song. Together the female call and male hoot form the classic so-called "twit twoo" and indicates a territorial pair dueting together.

Tawny Owl Atypical and Typical Male Hoots

Sometimes male Tawny Owls vary their hoots (songs) slightly so this recording includes both an atypical hoot at the start and later a more typical "hooo…hu…hu…huhuhuhoo" hoot. There are also corvids calling in the background of the recording.

Survey Completed Autumn 2018

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