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Walpole has been funded by Essex & Suffolk Water and is the name of one of their Suffolk sites. It is also the surname of the 1st Earl of Orford who was recognised as Britain’s first Prime Minister.

Walpole the Cuckoo
Friday, May 23, 2014 - 01:00
Tagging Location:
Santon Downham, Norfolk
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Walpole's journey from 25 May 2014 to 18 August 2014

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Walpole's movements

12 Sep 2014 - The end of the road for Walpole

The last transmission received from Walpole's tag was on the 18 August and we have now come to the conclusion that it's likely that he has died in Sologne Forest, Central France. He is one of 4 birds, since the project began, that has been lost in France; John in 2012, Nelson in 2013 and Maji, also during August this year.

25 Jul 2014 - Twenty-two birds still going strong

We are still following twenty-two birds. Currently two cuckoos are in France – Walpole and unnamed cuckoo 134957.

Five birds are in and around the Po Valley in northern Italy – BB, Chris, Stanley, Waller and Livingstone.

Six birds are in Spain – Two of these are big movers this week. After finally leaving the UK, Derek hasn’t hung around. After a brief stop in central-western France, he is now in central-northern Spain, just south of Tolbanos de Abajo. It is Maji that has provided the biggest surprise though. He seems to be taking a tour of the European mountain ranges. Having spent a time in the Austrian Alps, he is now in the central Pyrenees!

David is still in Montenegro and Ash is still in Croatia; both of these birds could make the move to Africa any day now.

We now have seven birds in Africa, six of them south of the Sahara. Emsworthy is the latest to arrive here and he is currently just south of Lake Chad, in an area that Chris also favours. Three other Cuckoos – Peter, Hennah and Dudley – are also close to Lake Chad.

17 Jul 2014 - Our most northern Cuckoos

Derek has still not left yet Britain which means that he and Cuckoo 134957, who is in Belgium, are currently our two most northern Cuckoos. Walpole is only a little further south, still in France (along with Emsworthy who is close to the south coast) where they have been since early July. 

07 Jul 2014 - Five Cuckoos leave over the weekend

Over the weekend, five more of our tagged Cuckoos left the UK. East Anglian Cuckoos Walpole, Maji and Chris have moved off, as have Scottish Cuckoo BB, who had been in Suffolk, and Sherwood Cuckoo 134957. All of these, except Walpole, have journeyed south-east to Germany, while Walpole is currently in northern France close to the border with Belgium.  These easterly movements may have been encouraged by the westerley airflows over the last few days. 
This will be the fourth year we follow Chris, and the third year we follow BB, both of whom have left later this year.  

27 Jun 2014 - Your chance to name a Cuckoo

With three un-named birds left we are letting you choose what to name one of our Sherwood Cuckoos!  Anyone who sponsors a Cuckoo before the end of June will be entered in to a draw. We’ll then pick one entry at random and will contact the winner who can then suggest a suitable name*. Find out how you could name a Cuckoo

Past updates from Walpole

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