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Inspired by a love of lyrical poets, Tennyson is named after Lord Alfred Tennyson. Tag sponsor and namer, Gillian Wills, expressed that she felt the name has just the right number of syllables and provided the right amount of dignity for a Cuckoo.

Tennyson the Cuckoo
Tagging Location:
Cranwich Heath, Thetford Forest
Age when found:
Over one year
Satellite Tag No.:
Wing Length (mm):

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Tennyson's journey from 12 May 2019 to 06 April 2020

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Tennyson's movements

26 May 2020 - Tennyson and Senan likely to be lost to us

We've previously reported that Senan's tag battery has been low for a while and not charging properly. After a long period of silence, we were pleased to receive the locations from Algeria, and later from Spain, to show he was migrating. However, with no further signals since the 5 May, it looks like we may finally have lost contact with him. Similarly, Tennyson's battery has also experienced charging issues and we had hoped we would receive signals at some point during his northward movements, when the solar panel was exposed to longer periods of sunshine. However, we've not heard from his tag since early April. In both these cases it appears we have lost the tag signal rather than the bird and we hope both these Cuckoos return to the UK safely - even if it's unlikely we'll be able to update you. Do keep your eyes peeled if you are on the Norfolk/Suffolk border though!

24 Apr 2020 - No news from Tennyson

We last heard from Tennyson on 6th April when he was in south-eastern Guinea, close to the border with Ivory Coast. With Carlton II already back in England and the others on their way, we hope that we'll also hear that Tennyson is making progress north very soon. 

07 Apr 2020 - Northwards movements from Tennyson

At the end of March, Tennyson moved north-west within Liberia. A further update on 6 April showed he had continued north 290km (180 miles) along the border of Liberia and Ivory Coast. His current location remains just inside Liberia. Tennyson has been in Liberia since mid-March and this northward movement could be a sign he is getting ready to leave, though PJ was the first to move into West Africa.

16 Mar 2020 - Tennyson in Liberia

Since the last update Tennyson has continued west, flying a further 1,076 km (670 miles) from Benin to Liberia. His latest location shows him in south-eastern Liberia, 35 km from the border with Ivory Coast. He is approximately 375 km (232 miles) south west of Cuckoo PJ who is over the border in Ivory Coast.  

09 Mar 2020 - Tennyson visiting Benin

A couple of updates from Tennyson's tag arrived at around 20:00 last night, showing that he had left Congo and had made it to south west Benin, close to the border with Togo.

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