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Sussex has been named by Sussex Ornithological Society who have funded the cost of his tag.

Additional thanks to the conservators of Ashdown Forest and Joanne Chattaway and Dave King.

Sussex the Cuckoo
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 01:00
Tagging Location:
Ashdown Forest, East Sussex
Age when found:
Satellite Tag No.:
Wing Length (mm):

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Sussex's journey from 14 May 2013 to 22 October 2013

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Sussex's movements

12 Nov 2013 - Concern for Sussex

Concerns are mounting for Sussex, as we haven’t received any transmissions from his tag in more than two weeks and the temperature sensor on the last transmission gave an unusually low reading. We would normally expect this to be around body temperature, since the tag is fitted to the body, so a low temperature reading normally indicates a problem.  

28 Oct 2013 - Sussex sitting tight

Sussex has been in his current position within Central African Republic since 3 September, and, while he was at that point the most southerly Cuckoo, during that time most of the other tagged Cuckoos have continued on southwards, leaving him in their wake. He is the only Cuckoo currently in Central African Republic and only BB and Chance are located further north than him.  

03 Sep 2013 - Sussex is the most southerly Cuckoo

By the 31 August, Sussex had left Chad and headed south, revealing his new position in the Central African Republic. The excitement at Whortle and Patch's movements over the weekend meant this new movement was slightly overshadowed but he has actually travelled 450km (280 miles) and is now further south than Nick, making him the most southerly of all our tagged Cuckoos! Only David is also in the Central African Republic, in the very north tip, about 550km (340 miles) away from Sussex's location. 

22 Aug 2013 - Four Cuckoos remain in Chad

Waller, Chris, Sussex and BB are all still in Chad and sending regular transmissions. Last year Chris was the first of our tagged Cuckoos to move south of Chad, arriving in the Central African Republic by the 18 September. Not long after this the Cuckoos moved on to the Congo Rainforest. 

14 Aug 2013 - Sussex and BB in same area

BB, one of the Cuckoos tagged in Scotland in spring 2012 and Sussex the Cuckoo, tagged in spring 2013 are now only around 5km (3 miles) from each other within Chad – much closer than they are during their breeding season in the UK!  BB moved to a location just south of Dassik, having flown 250km (155 miles) by 8 August before Sussex also headed south, travelling 230km (140 miles), to just north of Dassik and BB’s location by 10 August.  They are so close together you can only see one icon unless you zoom in really close on the map! 

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