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Named by sponsor Marie Claire Kazmierczak for a local (Co Clare Ireland) saint who was known to be an exceptional traveller - he travelled across Europe in the 510-520 ad period. Let’s hope this cuckoo is also an exceptional traveller.

Senan the Cuckoo
Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 09:00
Tagging Location:
BTO Nunnery Lakes Reserve, Norfolk, England
Age when found:
Satellite Tag No.:
Wing Length (mm):

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Senan's journey from 06 June 2019 to 17 August 2019

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Senan's movements

14 Aug 2019 - Five across the desert

So far this year, five Cuckoos have made it successfully across the desert. Carlton II, PJ, Senan, Tennyson and Valentine are all south of the Sahara and still sending regular tag transmissions. They still have a little further to go south before reaching their final wintering destinations.  

13 Aug 2019 - Senan crosses into Niger

An update received from Senan's tag late last night showed that he has flown 481 km (300 miles) south from Mali into Niger. He is now in the far south western corner of Niger, close to the borders with Burkina Faso and Benin. 

05 Aug 2019 - Senan in the Niger

Since the last update Senan has flown another 514 km (319 miles) south in Mali, towards the border with Niger. He appears to be on an island in the river Niger, close to Ansongo, a rural commune and small town in the Gao Region of eastern Mali.

31 Jul 2019 - Signals clarify Senan's African location

New signals on the morning of 30 July show that Senan had indeed made landfall in Africa and that his location at that time was in northern Mali. Senan was tagged on the BTO reserve headquarters at Thetford, and interestingly, he is now just 240km (150 miles) north of PJ who was also tagged local to the BTO in Suffolk, and is in Mali. 

29 Jul 2019 - Senan heading for Africa?

Some low quality locations transmitted by Senan's tag suggest that during the evening of 27th and early morning of 28th he was crossing the Mediterranean with the last location pointing to his destination being north-east Morocco or north-west Algeria. We will hopefully receive some better quality locations soon which will clarify where he has made landfall. 

Past updates from Senan

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