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Sayaan was named after Cuckoo funder Anne Master's new baby cousin. Sayaan is an old Saka name, Saka being the region of Siberia that his mum comes from, and it means “kind, generous and warm like the sun”.

Thursday, May 18, 2023 - 05:00
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Knepp Estate, Sussex
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Sayaan's journey from 20 May 2023 to 20 September 2023

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Sayaan's movements

29 Aug 2023 - Sayaan moves into Sudan

New updates received from Sayaan's tag yesterday morning showed that he had flown 140 km (87 miles) north, taking him from Chad, over the border into Sudan. He is now approximately 26 km (16 miles) west of the town of Garsila in West Darfur.  

27 Jul 2023 - Sayaan has crossed the Sahara

We are pleased to report that Sayaan has made it across the Sahara. New updates from his tag this morning show that he has flown 1,225 km (761 miles) from the Tibesti mountains in southern Libya to his new location in the south-eastern corner of Chad.

He is now in the wetter and greener environs of the Sahel where he will hopefully be able to find plenty of food to help him recover from his long journey.

25 Jul 2023 - Sayaan is crossing the Sahara

Sayaan has left Italy and by Sunday afternoon he had crossed the Mediterranean and reached northern Libya.

By the time of his last transmission just after 19:30 last night (Monday 24 July) he had flown 843 km (524 miles) south through the Libyan Sahara and reached the northern edge of the remote and very inaccessible Tibesti mountain range.

He is close to Bette Peak, the highest mountain in Libya at 2,266 metres (7,434 ft).  

Hopefully when we next hear from him, he will have completed his desert crossing and will be refuelling in the Sahel. 

30 Jun 2023 - Sayaan moves south in Italy

New updates received from Sayaan’s tag early this morning show that he has flown 378 km (235 miles) south-east through Italy. After a brief stop close to Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, he moved on to his current location in the province of Rieti.

He is now just south-east of the town of Norcia, within the national parks of Mont Sibillini and Gran Sasso, and Monti della Laga. These national parks form one of the largest protected areas in Europe, with mountains, forests, river valleys and abundant biodiversity. 

21 Jun 2023 - Sayaan moves east in northern Italy

Sayaan has completed his crossing of the Gulf of Genoa, and made landfall this morning in Italy, close to the town of Ferriere, in the Province of Piacenza in the region Emilia-Romagna. He is currently on the slopes above the valley of the river Nure. 

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