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Sayaan was named after Cuckoo funder Anne Master's new baby cousin. Sayaan is an old Saka name, Saka being the region of Siberia that his mum comes from, and it means “kind, generous and warm like the sun”.

Thursday, May 18, 2023 - 05:00
Tagging Location:
Knepp Estate, Sussex
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Sayaan's journey from 02 May 2024 to 22 June 2024

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Sayaan's movements

20 Jun 2024 - Sayaan says ‘so long’ to Sussex

Having spent the breeding season in and around the Knepp Estate in West Sussex, Sayaan has now headed south. He left the English coast at Worthing on the exact same date as he did last year! 

He cut across the Channel and arrived in France, just south of Dieppe after a journey of 380 km (236 miles). Sayaan then continued towards Paris, skirting the north-east of the French capital, and is currently just north of the city of Sens.

Remarkably, Sayaan is now around just 50km (31 miles) to the west of Cuach Torc!

01 May 2024 - Sayaan swoops into Sussex

Since our last update two days ago, Sayaan has covered the last 385km (239 miles) to his summer residence in West Sussex. Making a direct flight north east, he cut across Normandy before crossing The Channel and arriving in the UK near Worthing.

He is currently back at the Knepp Estate, where he was originally tagged. Since leaving the UK on 19 June 2023 Sayaan has taken a wide circular route which has seen him pass through a remarkable 21 countries!   

29 Apr 2024 - Sayaan surges on

Sayaan has now crossed from Spain into France and is currently near the small picturesque town of La Gacilly, in Brittany.  

He avoided a Pyranees crossing, taking a direct route from the north Spanish coast across the Bay of Biscay and arriving in the Parc Naturel Régional de Brière, by the Loire estuary, covering some 656km (407 miles).

26 Apr 2024 - Sayaan has France in sight

After several days in the Andújar area, Sayaan has flown approximately 450km (280 miles) north to a mountainous region close to the town of Tarazona.

He is just 66km (41 miles) to the south of Trent and is headed for the French border. With favourable winds forecast, he could make good progress in the next couple of days.

17 Apr 2024 - Really Sayaan something...

In the past couple of days, Sayaan has flown north, leaving the Atlas Mountains, flying 340km (211 miles) to the Moroccan coast close to the small town of Bnir Bouzra.  

From here he has continued another 350km (217 miles) across the Mediterranean, passing by the Spanish coastal resort of Malaga, and onwards up to Parque Natural Sierra de Andújar, a region renowned as a stronghold for Iberian Lynx.

Past updates from Sayaan

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