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Lady Sophia Raymond married William Burrell in 1773. Her father, Sir Charles Raymond, bought Knepp in 1787 and gave the estate to his daughter and the Raymond baronetcy to his son-in-law.

Raymond the Cuckoo
Friday, May 18, 2018 - 08:00
Tagging Location:
Knepp Estate, Sussex
Age when found:
Over one year
Satellite Tag No.:
Wing Length (mm):

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Raymond's journey from 18 May 2018 to 14 August 2019

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Raymond's movements

13 Aug 2019 - The end of the road for Raymond

Raymond moved to southern Mauritania on 5 August and signals received since show he has remained there, in the Trarza Desert. This prolonged static period in the desert, and the temperature data from the tag which shows big fluctuations rather than a more constant temperature, suggests that sadly, Raymond has perished on his desert crossing. Raymond was tagged in 2018 and so had already contributed a complete migration cycle to our data bank, nevertheless it is sad to have lost him when he appeared so close to reaching his stop-over location in Senegal. 

07 Aug 2019 - Raymond finds favourable conditions?

We were a bit concerned about Raymond, who appeared to have spent the evening of 5 August on the desert floor, in a pretty inhospitable looking area, only 50km from good habitat along the Senegal river.

However, Chris Hewson has been looking at the conditions there and it appears the spot where Raymond has stopped is the first place he would have reached since his mid-desert crossing that has had any rain this year, so he may have sensed that and decided to ditch. Hopefully soon we'll find he has moved to somewhere more lush looking.

05 Aug 2019 - Raymond is crossing the desert

The latest signals to arrive from Raymond's tag arrived on Saturday 3 August and showed that he had flown 1,295 km (804 miles) south west and was in or over Western Sahara. Hopefully the next update from Raymond's tag will show that he has successfully completed his desert crossing, possibly landing in Senegal, like Carlton II. 

30 Jul 2019 - Raymond makes it to Africa

Signals received on the morning of 30 July show that Raymond had successfully made it to northern Africa from the south of Spain. He's currently located 95km (60 miles) to the south-east of Fes, Morocco after a journey of 595km (370 miles).   

29 Jul 2019 - Raymond in southern Spain

Raymond has flown 370 km (230 miles) south and is now just north of Huescar in Granada, Spain. 

Past updates from Raymond

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