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Lambert is the male family name of Isabella Tree who is married to environmentalist Charlie Burrell, the inspiration behind the Knepp Wildland Project.

Lambert the Cuckoo
Friday, May 18, 2018 - 08:00
Tagging Location:
Fresco, Knepp Estate, Sussex
Age when found:
Over one year
Satellite Tag No.:
Wing Length (mm):

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Lambert's journey from 23 May 2019 to 14 August 2019

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Lambert's movements

15 Aug 2019 - Lambert still in France

We are still receiving signals from Lambert's tag showing that he is 48 km (30 miles) north west of Montpelier. Hopefully we'll see him on the move in the next few days to reassure us that all is well with Lambert. 

16 Jul 2019 - Lambert arrives in the south of France

An update from Lambert's tag late in the afternoon of July 13 showed that he had flown 420 km (262 miles) south east and was close to Notre-Dame-de-la-Rouviere in southern France. He has since settled a couple of miles east of that location, near the small village of Valniere in the Cevennes National Park. He is 53 Km (33 miles) north of Montpelier and is in the same location that he stopped in last year. Last year he left this location on July 25 so we don't expect him to hang around for long. 

09 Jul 2019 - Lambert near Blois

Knepp Cuckoo Lambert has pushed a little further South and is now 11 Km (7 miles) south of the town of Blois. He is currently on a similar path to his southward migration last year. If he continues to follow this path we can expect him to make his next stop in the south of France. 

21 Jun 2019 - Lambert in France

Lambert has successfully crossed the English Channel. He appears to have crossed almost due south of his Sussex breeding area and flown over 125km (77 miles) of open water. He is currently 117km (72 miles) south of the Normandy coast and in farmland to the west of Verneuil-sur-Avre. 

19 Jun 2019 - Lambert leaves the UK

During the evening of 17 June we received a series of locations from Lambert's tag that showed he was over the English Channel, 16km (10 miles) offshore of Brighton. We will have to wait until the evening of 19 June to see how far he has travelled. Fingers crossed he will have made landfall in France.

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