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KP was named by Jenny and Tony in memory of Jenny’s late father Ken, who took a keen interest in their birding exploits and would have been fascinated by the satellite-tracking project.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - 05:00
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Incheens, Killarney National Park, Ireland
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KP's journey from 17 May 2023 to 10 February 2024

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KP's movements

15 Feb 2024 - KP crosses into the Republic of Congo

KP spent November and December in the same general area close to the Salonga River deep in the rainforest of the Congo Basin of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). 

Since mid January he has been moving steadily north-west and is now 536km (333 miles) from his wintering area, taking him out of DRC and into the Republic of Congo. He is currently on the edge of Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park, a huge area of swampy lowland rainforest in northern Republic of Congo.  

26 Oct 2023 - KP moves into the Congo Basin

KP has flown 405km (252 miles) south from his last location in Central African Republic to Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). He is now in north-west DRC.  

23 Oct 2023 - KP moves into the Congo Basin

After more than a month in southern Chad, Irish Cuckoo KP is on the move again.

New updates received this morning (Monday 23 October), show that he has flown 464km (288 miles) south and is now in Central African Republic (CAR). He is in the northern part of the Ouaka region of CAR, approximately 200km north of the border with Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Sussex Cuckoo Sayaan also passed through CAR a few days ago and is now in the Congo Basin.  

14 Sep 2023 - KP visits Central African Republic and Chad

Over the last week or so, KP has flown first from Sudan into north eastern Central African Republic and then north over the border into Chad. He is now in the south eastern corner of Chad.  

29 Aug 2023 - KP moves south in Sudan

After spending a week or so in the Meidob volcanic field of Sudan, KP has flown 520 km (323 miles) south into the South Darfur region of Sudan. He is now approximately 28 km (17 miles) west of the town of Tullus. 

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