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KP was named by Jenny and Tony in memory of Jenny’s late father Ken, who took a keen interest in their birding exploits and would have been fascinated by the satellite-tracking project.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - 05:00
Tagging Location:
Incheens, Killarney National Park, Ireland
Age when found:
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KP's journey from 01 May 2024 to 17 June 2024

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KP's movements

01 May 2024 - Killarney return for KP

KP finally made landfall on the southern coast of Ireland, just to the south of Dungarvan in County Waterford.

After a short while he headed west through County Cork and is now in Killarney National Park, County Kerry, where he was originally tagged on 17 May 2023.

29 Apr 2024 - KP heads for Ireland

Rather than following a more land-based route, KP suddenly left northern Spain and set off due north, crossing the Bay of Biscay and continuing his flight over water, covering some 1,090 km (677 miles)!

Skirting past the Isles of Scilly and pushing north, at the time of his last signal KP was just 70km (43 miles) from the south east coast of Ireland. Once he makes landfall will he head straight to Killarney National Park, where he was tagged on 17 May last year?

26 Apr 2024 - KP approaches France

KP has flown around 388km (241 miles) due north and is now in area of fertile plains just south of the Montaña Palentina Natural Park, in the province of Castile and León.  

Just 88km (54 miles) from the coast at Santander, will he head north before making a short crossing over the Bay of Biscay, or might he fly east and cross into France to the west of the Pyranees?

22 Apr 2024 - KP continues northwards

Lagging slightly behind Trent and Cuach Torc, KP has moved a comparatively leisurely 125km (77 miles) north since leaving the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park area a few days ago.

He is currently just south of the municipality of Villarta de los Montes, in forest-clad mountains to the south of the Embalse de Cíjara, a large reservoir on the Guadiana River.

17 Apr 2024 - KP hits the Spanish sierra

KP motored north, cutting across the Atlantic west of the Straits of Gibraltar, covering some 872km (541 miles).

He passed over Seville, crossing the River Guadalquivir near Alolea del Rió, and is currently resting up in the Unesco-listed Parque Natural Sierra de Hornachuelos, just to the north-west of Córdoba.  

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