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Kasper has been named in thanks to Kasper Thorup, who came over from Denmark to train BTO Scientists to fit the tracking devices.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 01:00
Tagging Location:
Martham, Norfolk
Age when found:
Satellite Tag No.:
Wing Length (mm):

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Kasper's journey from 25 May 2011 to 09 April 2012

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Kasper's movements

13 Jun 2012 - Kasper's journey at an end

With no further transmission from Kasper's tag we have had to accept that his journey has come to an end.

30 May 2012 - Where's Kasper?

It has now been forty-eight days since we heard anything from Kasper, the longest period he has gone missing for. Although he has gone missing before, only to reappear, we fear that this time we have lost him for good. We can't say what has happened to him. He might have perished in the same poor weather that Martin experienced, or his tag might have failed completely. He might even be back in the Norfolk Broads with Lyster. We just don't know.

18 May 2012 - Still nothing

 We still haven't recieved anything from Kasper. Whilst it is looking grim, we still haven't given up hope.

10 May 2012 - Still no news

 We still haven't heard from Kasper, and whilst we are beginning to fear the worst we still haven't given up hope. On January 6, whilst in southern Congo, we lost Kasper for a month before he popped up on 7 February in the north west tip of Congo, close to the border with Cameroon. 

30 Apr 2012 - Kasper may still pop up

No further data have been received from Kasper's tag, however we have not given up hope. The last, partial, signal we received from him (11th April) showed a low charge on his tag. It is possible that, like Lyster before him, he is spending some time in Algeria foraging for food before attempting the Mediterranean crossing. His solar-powered tag would therefore not charge up if he is in the undergrowth. We hope that once he has moved on, and his tag has had a chance to charge, we will see Kasper pop up soon.

Past updates from Kasper

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