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Named in honour of the tag sponsor’s late husband, Joe. The couple much enjoyed watching the Cuckoos’ arrival each spring near their home by the River Leach. Initially there would be several birds, but, as time went by there were fewer and fewer, which saddened them greatly.

Joe, Cranwich Heath, 2022. PTT 232670
Friday, May 20, 2022 - 06:00
Tagging Location:
Cranwich, Norfolk
Age when found:
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Joe's journey from 20 May 2022 to 27 May 2023

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Joe's movements

24 Apr 2023 - Joe is back

New updates received from Joe's tag late last night and early this morning show that he has flown the final 900km (559 miles) from the south of France back to his breeding grounds in Norfolk. At the beginning of February, Joe was still in the Congo and since then he has flown approximately 7,657km (4,758 miles) on his migration back to the UK. Last year he departed Norfolk on 13 June and if he follows a similar routine this year he will remain in Norfolk for the next seven weeks or so. 

11 Apr 2023 - Joe moves east

Since arriving in the south of France Joe has relocated slightly east and is now close to the town of Manciet in the Gers department of southern France.

08 Apr 2023 - Joe has reached France

When we last updated you Joe was on his way across the Sahara desert and by Thursday evening had reached southern Algeria. New updates received this morning (Sat 8 April) show that he has powered on across the desert, across the Mediterranean, over Spain and on to southern France! This means that since leaving Ivory Coast he has covered approximately 4,000km (2,485 miles). By 11am this morning he was close to the town of Tartas in Nouvelle-Aquitiaine in southwestern France. Will Joe now hold the lead and be the first of our tagged Cuckoos to reach the UK? Stay tuned to find out. 

06 Apr 2023 - Joe is crossing the Sahara

Having been in Ivory Coast since 2 March, Joe has decided that the time has come to across the Sahara. New updates received from his tag yesterday show that he has flown 1,777km (1,105 miles) north over Burkina Faso and Mali and on to Algeria. By 9pm last night (6 April) he was in the desert in southern Algeria. He needs to fly approximately 1,300km to clear the desert in northern Algeria.

24 Mar 2023 - Joe exploring Ivory Coast

Since arriving in eastern Ivory Coast on 2 March Joe has made a detour south towards Bettié and returned to Damé after a few days. Earlier this week he flew 73km (45 miles) north west to Kofi Akakro, where he has remained. This being the first year in which we have tracked his spring migration we don’t know when he is likely to embark on his desert crossing.

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