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George 2

Named after the tag funder Anne Master’s baby cousin.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - 04:50
Tagging Location:
Dundonnell Estate, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
Age when found:
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Wing Length (mm):

George 2's journey from 14 May 2024 to 11 July 2024

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George 2's movements

12 Jul 2024 - George II makes Normandy landing

When we last checked in with George II four days ago, he was on the Essex coast.

Since then, he crossed the Thames estuary into Kent and continued south into East Sussex, from where he flew out across the Channel from Hastings. Taking a rather lengthy route of around 180 km (112 miles) over open water, he has now arrived in Normandy, just south of Caen.

08 Jul 2024 - George's tour de Britain

Since leaving north-west Scotland a week ago, George II has taken a rather leisurely route down to the Essex coast, where he is currently feeding up before (hopefully) making his Channel crossing.

His 880 km (550 miles) north-to-south journey has taken him from Dundonell, down to Stirling, through the Lake District, skirted Leeds, through the East Midlands and down past Ipswich, before coming to a stop near Southend-On-Sea.

03 Jul 2024 - George 2’s Highland tour

Following Henry’s lead, our other tagged Scottish Cuckoo George 2 has now set off in earnest. Taking a slightly different route, George is making his way down through the centre of the country.  

Initially heading south-eastwards toward Inverness, he then took a turn south and is now on the western shores of Loch Ericht in the Grampians. He has covered a distance of around 135 km (83 miles) in the last couple of days.  

Past updates from George-2

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