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Named by Dr Malcolm Summers for his son Daniel, whom he describes as an amazing man who teaches Maths to A-level. Malcolm said that it will be great to know that a bird will be singing somewhere with his name.

Daniel the Cuckoo
Saturday, June 5, 2021 - 04:55
Tagging Location:
Lake Vyrnwy, Powys
Age when found:
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Daniel's journey from 05 June 2021 to 20 October 2021

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Daniel's movements

01 Sep 2021 - Daniel makes it to Chad, via Niger and Nigeria

Daniel left south eastern Mali on Friday and by Sunday evening he was in southern Niger. He didn't linger there long and by the early hours of this morning (1 September) he had flown on, clipping the north eastern corner of Nigeria and passing Lake Chad before arriving in Chad. He is now on the shores of Lake Fitri, approximately 260 Km (161 miles) east of the capital N'Djamena.   

22 Aug 2021 - Daniel reaches southern Mali

The latest updates received from Daniel's tag show him in the south eastern corner of Mali. He was heading south towards Niger and was a little north of the Ansongo Giraffe Reserve. 

13 Aug 2021 - Daniel is crossing the Sahara

Welsh Cuckoo Daniel arrived in northern Italy on 8 July where he stayed for several weeks. An update received on 10 August showed him on or over Sardinia in the Mediterranean. By the early hours of this morning (Friday 13 August), he had flown 2,190 Km (1,360 miles) south over the Sahara and had just crossed the border from Algeria into Niger. Over the next few hours he continued south west, flying to the west of the Air mountains. By 10:49 this morning he was in the far north western corner of Niger, approximately 400km (250 miles) north of Victor II and PJ. 

08 Jul 2021 - Daniel moves on to northern Italy

Updates received from Daniel's tag over the last 48 hours show that he has flown 420 km (261 miles) from his last position in southern France, over the Alps and into northern Italy. He has taken up temporary residence close to ENI's Sannazzaro de’ Burgond oil and gas refinery, about 45 km southwest of Milan. He is exploring the farmland along the Agogna River. It'll be interesting to see whether Daniel follows Ellis to Rome. 

05 Jul 2021 - Cuckoo Daniel swaps Wales for France

Cuckoo Daniel is on the move! Over the last few days he has flown 908 km (565 miles) from his last location on the shores of Lake Vyrnwy and by 9pm on Saturday evening was at a new location in the Allier department of central France. He is now close to the town of Chatel-Montagne in the foothills of the Bourbonnais mountains. It will be very interesting to see whether he crosses to Africa via Spain, Italy or neither! 

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