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Tony Davies helped to catch the Cuckoos and named this bird Cameron, in memory of a young naturalist and ornithologist. The Cameron Bespolka Trust has been set up to inspire young people to love and appreciate birds, nature, and our environment.

Cameron the Cuckoo
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 08:00
Tagging Location:
Bolderwood, New Forest
Age when found:
Over one year
Satellite Tag No.:
Wing Length (mm):

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Cameron's journey from 03 June 2018 to 03 October 2018

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Cameron's movements

14 Feb 2019 - Cameron is lost

We haven’t heard from Cameron’s tag since early October and at the time we were hopeful that he would pop-up again. The battery level had been getting progressively lower during the last month that we have information for; however, the temperature data showed that he was alive. We have to conclude that Cameron’s tag has failed and that we won’t hear from him again.

10 Dec 2018 - Fingers crossed for Cameron

As far as we can tell Cameron was alive when the most recent positions were received in early October, when he had just moved from Nigeria to southern Chad, adjacent to the border with CAR. His battery was very low then and it had been declining gradually over a period of months. We think that something is preventing it from charging well - it could be feathers or dirt. This could ultimately damage his tag's battery but equally, we might see him pop up again if the problem is resolved (rain washing off dirt or feathers moulting).

19 Nov 2018 - Still no news from Cameron

We haven't heard from Cameron's tag since 3 October, this is very worrying. The last pieces of information we received showed that he was alive but that the battery charge was low and falling. It could be that he might still pop-up if and when his tag gets a good charge. However, it has been 46 days since we heard from the tag and it might be that the batteries get so degraded that they fail. Only time will tell whether or not we hear from Cameron again.

18 Oct 2018 - Cameron is off the radar

We haven't heard from Cameron for the last 15 days but his last two signals on the 3 October show that he was still alive at that time. We are always concerned when we don't hear from our Cuckoos but we have learned that we do 'lose' some of them for varying periods of time, often because they have moved under the canopy of the forest. Fingers crossed this is the case with Cameron and we hear from him soon.

27 Sep 2018 - Cameron still settled

Cameron is still settled in Nigeria close to the Lame Burra Game Reserve. He has been in this location for 35 days, moving around an area about 3km x 3km. We last heard from his tag on 26 September.

Past updates from Cameron

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