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Cuckoo sponsor Erin (age 6) chose the name 'Bluey' after her favourite TV character who is brave, cheeky and full of energy - all traits needed in a cuckoo.

Bluey, Knepp Estate, 2022. PTT 232673.
Saturday, May 28, 2022 - 06:00
Tagging Location:
Knepp Estate, West Sussex
Age when found:
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Wing Length (mm):

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Bluey's journey from 28 May 2022 to 24 June 2022

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Bluey's movements

17 Jun 2022 - Bluey moves abroad

New updates from Bluey's tag show that he has flown 305km (189 miles) south across the Channel and into France. At lunchtime yesterday he was 58km (36 miles) north-north east of Le Mans. 

13 Jun 2022 - Introducing Bluey

Bluey is one of two birds tagged on the same morning at the amazing Knepp Estate in West Sussex in May 2022. Cuckoo catcher in Chief Lee Barber was just finishing tagging Charles when he glanced up to see the ringing team running off towards the net. They soon returned with huge smiles and a full bird bag. This was the second Cuckoo to be tagged and was also a great weight. During the tagging of Bluey, the ringing team ran towards the nets again and then again. It turned out they had caught a smaller male and a female Cuckoo. Having a female Cuckoo around isn't desirable for tagging as they can distract the males, so we were particularly lucky to catch three male Cuckoos on that morning at Knepp. This was all done to the backdrop of the classic Knepp avifauna dawn chorus, Turtle Dove and Nightingale. 6 year old Cuckoo Sponsor Erin chose the name Bluey after her favourite TV character who is brave, cheeky and full of energy - let’s hope these traits take him far!

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