Slow start to spring

22 Mar 2013 Chiffchaff reporting rate

Yesterday I saw (and latterly, heard) my first Chiffchaff of the year on my local patch, the BTO Nunnery Lakes in Thetford. A quick look at my stats for Chiffchaff via the BirdTrack Explore my records tool revealed this was the latest spring Chiffchaff in the last 4 years, 6 days later than my average first date for this species locally. One of the great things about BirdTrack is that you can instantly put your own sightings into perspective with the pattern across Britain and Ireland. Typing 'Chiffchaff' into the graph box immediately revealed that the overall reporting rate matches my own observation, with the main arrival of Chiffchaff currently running at least a week behind the long-term average. Pick a species and see for yourself on the new BirdTrack Home page!

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