Viewing your Life and Year Lists

Your life and year lists can be viewed using the Explore My Records (EMR) tool, which offers great mapping functionality, separates out the ‘not-countable’ species/taxa and provides a range of additional functions. The procedure for viewing and exploring the lists described below can be applied to any other selection of your data: county lists, site lists, day lists, all records of a particular species or range of species, and much more besides.

You can download full details of all the records you've selected by clicking the Excel icon 
 at the top right of the Table, or for a specific species by clicking the Excel icon on the relevant row.

Life list

To view your life list, log in then click the ‘Explore My Records’ button in the options on the left side of the page.

On the left side of the EMR screen, below, are several filters which you can apply to your records.

The ‘Dates’ filter is automatically open when you go into EMR, and the ‘Select All Dates’ radio button is the default setting.

Simply click ‘GO’ (marked by the red arrow, below) to display your life list in the table. The number of species recorded is shown at the top (black arrow), with not countable species/taxa in brackets (N/C).  

BirdTrack life list
Click the map icon
Map icon
 (white arrow, above) to show an interactive Google map of your records for a particular species:
Map of Whooper Swan records

The graph icon
 reveals various graphing options (1, 2 and 3), such as the number times you've recorded a particular species each month:
Graph of Whooper Swan records per month
You can download all your records for a particular species by clicking the Excel icon 

The graph, map and Excel icons at the top right of the whole table can be used to graph, map or download the entire selection of records you have made.

Year list

To view your year lists, click the ‘Select a year’ radio button in ‘Dates’ filter (see purple arrow, below). Next, use the dropdown menu to select the year (see orange arrow) – the current year is the default setting. Click ‘GO’ (see red arrow) to display your year list in the table:

Year Lists in BirdTrack
Among the graphing options for the entire selection of data (accessed by clicking the graph icon
Graph icon
 at the top right of the screen) is a species accumulation graph:
Species accumulation graph

[Note that the old ‘All My Species’ and ‘Year List’ tools included hybrids (e.g. hybrid goose, hybrid Carrion x Hooded Crow), birds unidentified to species (e.g. unidentified auk, unidentified crossbill), races of the same species (e.g. European White-fronted Goose and Greenland White-fronted Goose) - and latterly dragonflies - in the totals presented. Such species / taxa are not generally considered 'countable' on lists of bird species. In addition, escaped species that don't feature on the British Ornithologists’ Union British List Category A or C are not normally considered to count. Records of the 'not countable' taxa are not lost, and are still valuable; they just aren't added up in the totals for the life and year listing elements of BirdTrack and are instead displayed in brackest like this: (+7 N/C).]

If you have any questions, please contact the birdtrack [at] (subject: Question%20about%20EMR%20%2F%20lists) (BirdTrack Organiser).