Ringing & NRS Info app

BTO has created an app containing information that ringers and nest recorders will find useful in the field. The BTO Ringing & NRS Info app contains species data including ring sizes, warnings of any species alerts, specially protected status, biometric and nesting information as well as the five- and two-letter BTO species codes. The app also contains NRS and habitat codes and the ringing codes likely to be needed in the field, for example, age, moult, plumage and condition codes, fat scores and codes for identifying methods used to record measurements.

Screenshots from the revised Ringing & NRS Info app

The BTO Ringing & NRS Info app is free to download and use and is available from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). It is fully compatible with mobiles and tablets running at least iOS 12.4 (Apple devices) or Android 6 (Marshmallow); it cannot be downloaded to desktops.

Installing the app for the first time will require a small data download, so a network connection (Wifi or mobile data) will be required. Once downloaded, the app will be fully functional offline for use in the field (other than any links to pages on the BTO website).

Updates to the data in the app are provided through the app (rather than requiring an update via the app store). The app will check for any updates automatically in the background and it can be set to only download on Wifi to avoid incurring any charges from mobile data use if required.

The BTO Ringing & NRS Info app replaces the previous Ringers’ Info app. For existing users, the previous app will be updated to the new one; this will happen automatically if automatic updates are enabled on your device. If not, the app can be updated via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

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