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Volunteer Stories

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and we've asked them to tell us why they enjoy being involved in our surveys.

A Winter’s Tale: The story of one man, a metal detector, and the mighty Peregrine Falcon
An account of exciting ringing recoveries aided by a metal detector

Bird Atlas 2007-11: Firecrest by John Young
A unexpected surprise from his allocated survey area - despite it having a motorway running through it.

Bird Atlas 2007-11: For Ruth by Ian Traynor
Husband and wife both dedicated to complete their Atlas survey. 

BirdAtlas 2007-11: The Power of Local Papers by David Scott
Going that extra mile to write about his surveying expereiences and getting them published in the local papers. 

Taking part in Atlas - A volunteer's view
Moving from Roving Records to Timed Tetrads - an account of one volunteers work throught the seasons.

Surveying at sea - another perspective

The Breeding Bird Survey - celebrating 20 years
Read a selection of volunteer quotes to find out why they enjoy taking part in the BBS.

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