Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder – it’s back!

Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder – it’s back!

08 Jun 2021

MigFest 2019 finalists. Steven Valentine

After a year without this annual celebration of the skill and dedication of young birders from across the UK, Spurn Bird Observatory Trust and the BTO are once again welcoming all young birders to take part in the Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder event. This Spurn Migration Festival (Migfest) tradition is named after the late Martin Garner, a knowledgeable, inspiring and encouraging birder who shared his expertise and passion for birds with so many, something this event aspires to do.

Join us! The online submission consists of questions covering your birding life and gives you a chance to showcase your passion for birds. The questionnaire covers things like how you record your day to day birding, what activities you are involved with, where you go birding and tales from your birding life, and then moves onto your birding knowledge and a couple of ID questions. The answers aren’t long and it shouldn’t take long to complete. The questionnaire needs to be submitted by the 4th July 2021.

Complete the questionnaire
I really enjoyed the competition which was good fun and It was great to meet other young birders that shared my interests. Oscar Puls, 2019 finalist 

From these submissions, six lucky finalists will be chosen to meet us in the field at Migfest for a day’s birding with our expert judges in a welcoming, friendly environment! The day involves seawatching, experiencing visible migration, watching birds on the Humber and in the bushes and answering a couple of theory questions back at base. Our laid-back but enthusiastic judges are eager to share the magic of Spurn with you and find out more about what drives you to pursue birding as a hobby. At the end of the mornings assessments, two of the finalists (from two age categories) will be crowned the Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder of the year and each winner will be awarded a pair of top quality binoculars. All the finalists who make it through to the final will receive various birding memberships to fuel their birding passion, and a trophy celebrating their achievements in getting to the finals!

To take part in the final, you must be 16 or under and able to attend Spurn Point, East Yorkshire on the 11th September 2021, accompanied by parent or guardian.

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